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The mission of DN Yoga is to provide a safe space to bring together and unify the whole as one energy force to create overall wellness and health to the body mind and spirit.

We’re offering classes and courses at beginner and advanced levels. The style of yoga is Hatha Vinyasa Flow. We also offer meditation, and mindfulness practices.

*All instructors are Certified Yoga Instructor Through The National Yoga Alliance.

Dominique Nicole

The owner DOMINIQUE NICOLE has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her first class literally changed her life. She has found a remarkable space where different cultures, religions and body types were united, synchronized, and all sharing the same goal…to be better people.

Together they practiced breathing, restoration, strength, balance and inner calm. The room was filled with soul soothing music that stimulated her mind, expanded her awareness and awakened her to deeper level of peace, oneness, and love.

She left the class free of negativity, clear in direction and had a calm that lasted throughout the day. The experience awakened her to her purpose. She accepted her spiritual path and decided to bring her unique perspective of Yoga and Spirituality to the world to transform people’s lives in the same way her life had been transformed.

Yoga is an essential part of her life and she is dedicated to helping it become an essential and healing part of yours.

Replenish your health, restore your spirit, and transform your life. Book a session today to experience the replenishing wellness that yoga and mediation will bring.

Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

B.K.S Iyengar


u003cstrongu003eVirtual BlissSastion Sessionu003c/strongu003e (View Details)

This session is designed for you to cleanse out any toxic thoughts or negative patterns within you. At the beginning there is time open for you to talk out any obstacles or challenges. Then we will include vibrational music, prayer, and meditation. Candle Lighting & Essential Oils will be used to enhance the experience leaving your body, mind, and soul in eternal bliss.(this session will involve you using your own products; suggestions on where to purchase available upon request)
30 mins $100 | 60mins $200

30 min Session | $100.00
  60 min Session | $200.00
u003cstrongu003eVirtual Private Yoga Session u003c/strongu003e (View Details)

Customized specially for you whether you would like yin/yang or a yoga flow this session will be customized for your specific needs.
30 mins $90 | 60mins $175

30 min Session | $90.00
  60 min Session | $175.00
u003cstrongu003eVirtual Private Meditationu003c/strongu003e (View Details)

This session of divine peace will bring you to a more calm, centered, and peaceful presence within every cell of your body. You will feel more grounded and gain immediate sense of clarity after this session.
30 min $75 | 60 min $125

30 min Session | $75.00
  60 min Session | $125.00
u003cstrongu003eVirtual Group Yoga Flow Yin/Yang Session or Group Mediation u003c/strongu003e (View Details)

This session is for large groups of 5 or more beautiful humans.
30 mins $20 per | 60 mins $30 per

30 min Session | $20.00
  60 min Session | $30.00
u003cstrongu003eVirtual Complete Custom u003c/strongu003e (View Details)

This option is complete Nirvana. Customize your complete experience with us. We will have a phone consultation and decide what your specific needs are. The price will be determined based on the experience that you desire.


*Due to the present pandemic, all sessions are being held virtually through zoom. Please send an email at the time of payment for your zoom link to be emailed to you before your session. Make sure it includes your first and last name. Send to info@dnicoleyoga.com.

Manifest You by Dominique Nicole
Available on Amazon

Manifest You: New Book by Dominique Nicole

Manifesting the life that your heart desires. This book will guide your through practices and mindfulness sessions to help you to bring to life the life that you have been wanting for your self. With the current conditions of the world today this book will guide you to a divine place of peace love & inspirational energy to keep going with a more grounded focus.


Manifest You: Mindfulness and Yoga Series

Join a virtual mindfulness and yoga session with DN Yoga. We will cover yoga techniques and mindfulness meditation with music and breathwork.


u003cstrongu003eManifest Youu003c/strongu003e (View Details)
Manifest You: Saturdays in August 2020
1 Saturday Session $20.00

5 Saturday Sessions $80.00 (1 Saturday Session Free)


First part of the practice will start with breath work which is a breathing technique to calm the mind and body to start the detoxifying process.

Second part of the practice will focus on balance to aid grounding to the body and strength.

Third part of the practice will be restorative poses to restore and settle the body into a calm and still state.

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