*All instructors are Certified Yoga Instructor Through The National Yoga Alliance.

The mission of DN Yoga is to provide a safe space and unify overall wellness and health to the mind, body, and soul. We are a private virtual space providing individual and group private sessions. If you lead a full life with a busy schedule and realized that you need to slow down to replenish, to relieve stress, tension, anxiety in your mind and body you are our ideal human soul to connect with us. We will help you to relieve those toxic places where tension builds up. We specialize in starting with the basics of mindfulness, meditation, and breath-work so that you are more grounded and replenished.

We offer Meditation, Reiki, Energy Healing, Yoga, and Mindfulness practices.

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Dominique Nicole has been practicing mindfulness & yoga for over 20 years. Her first yoga class literally changed her life. She found a remarkable place where different cultures, religions, and body types were united, synchronized, and all sharing the same goal…To be better people. It was a dream manifested.

Together they practiced breathing, restoration, strength, balance and inner calm. The room was filled with soul soothing music that stimulated her mind, expanded her awareness and awakened her to a deeper level of peace, oneness, and love.

The frequency of music and the awareness the yoga brought to her mind, body, and spirit was another level of ever evolving peace. When you leave any session you will feel free of negativity, clear in direction, and calm which equals true bliss and happiness that will last through the day.

Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

B.K.S Iyengar


Private Energy Healing Session

This energy healing session is designed for you to cleanse out any toxic thoughts or negative patterns within your mind and body. At the beginning there is time open for you to talk out any obstacles or challenges. We will include vibrational music, reiki energy healing, singing bowls, and meditation. Candle lighting & Essential oils will be used to enhance the experience leaving your body, mind, and soul in eternal bliss.
30 mins $100 | 60 mins $200

30 min Session | $100.00
60 min Session | $200.00

Private Yoga Session

A private yoga session especially for you whether you would like yin/yang , hatha flow, or a restorative session will be aligned for your specific needs. Great for beginners to introduce you to the yoga poses and how they should feel in your body.
30 mins $100 | 60 mins $200

30 min Session | $100.00
60 min Session | $200.00
Private Meditation

A private meditation session to fill you with divine peace this session will bring you to a more calm, centered, and peaceful presence within every cell of your body. You will feel more grounded and gain immediate sense of clarity after this session.
30 min $100 | 60 min $200

30 min Session | $100.00
60 min Session | $200.00
Private Group *Yoga Flow *Yang Yin * Meditation or *Energy Healing

This session is for large groups of 10 or more beautiful souls.
30 mins $20 per | 60 mins $30 per

30 min Session | $20.00
60 min Session | $30.00
Complete Custom

Complete Custom Nirvana. Customize your complete experience with us. We will have a phone consultation and decide what your specific needs are. The price will be determined based on the experience that you desire.


*All Sessions Are Virtual through Zoom Platform. Please send an email at the time of payment for your zoom link to be emailed to you before your session. Make sure it includes your first and last name. Send to [email protected].


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